Parent reminders for drop procedure

As we head into our winter season, this is a good time to
provide a few reminders about the parent drop off procedure in
the morning.
1. We encourage children to let themselves out of the car when
    signaled by the greeter.  We do not expect parents to get
    out of the car.  If your child needs assistance, please just let
    us know.
2. A child should never exit the car on the inside of the circle,
    walk in front, in back or between vehicles. A child should
    always exit the car on the sidewalk side of the circle as this
    is the safest way.
3. Always pull as far forward as possible or where signaled by
    the greeter before stopping and letting your child out. This
    will prevent a back up in the driveway and on Main Street.
    Thank you for your support in making this a safe and
    efficient process.