Groton and Dunstable Cultural Councils Support the Multi-Part Professional Development Series

gdrhs-melpignano-1Generous grants from the Groton Cultural Council and the Dunstable Cultural Council, allowed the district to bring in Groton filmmaker David Melpignano to teach Writing with Video and Audio. The course, co-taught with high school ELA chair Kelly Cook, was offered through the school district’s innovative multi-part professional development series on three half days throughout the year (October 13, January 15, and May 10). David Melpignano explains how to adjust the f-stop to science teacher Melanie |
McCracken and the rest of the class. (PHOTO: Chuck Fittz

Writing with Video and Audio gave participating teachers the practical skills they need to set high expectations for student-choice video projects, the ability to make movies on their own, the confidence to assign video projects that have rigor, and the language needed to critique their students’ work in ways that lead to polished final films. Sessions included “Camera and Sound,” “Shooting,” and “Editing” and focused on aesthetics, conventions, and the production cycle.

gdrhs-melpignano-2“I think the course was great for giving me the basics and helping me understand the issues that students face when they take on this type of project, mainly just to understand whether they put the time they claim into filming and editing,” said Carol Case, Senior Project Teacher. “This was exactly what I needed to be able to discuss their work with them.” English Language Arts teacher Sean Bailey works with David Melpignano to set the white balance while fellow ELA teacher Jon Bourgeois observes. (PHOTO: Chuck Fittz)