High School Winter Concert, Art Show Recap

On Wednesday December 14th, Groton-Dunstable Regional High School continued its annual tradition of The GDRHS Winter Concert and Art Show at the Middle School Performing Arts Center. Doors opened early to a large audience for the art show which featured a variety of drawing, painting, photography and design from students of all levels at the High School. The reception was accented with food and fundraising by the Groton-Dunstable Arts Boosters who help sustain the Arts at the High School.

Catherine de Groot (2017) has had artwork in the show for the last three years. She helps with the set up and take down, all of which occurs in one evening. “Its amazing how colorful the hallway becomes with hundreds of art pieces. It totally transforms.”

For yet another year the crowds packed the performing arts center. The concert featured performances from concert band, jazz band, chorus and the internationally recognized High School Chamber Choir. Special acts included Drum Corps, numerous music solos and jazz singer Hannah Loomis (2019) who performed Sammy Cahn’s Let it Snow through a special effects blizzard.

Saxophonists Charles Peterson (2019) and Grant Wilsie (2019)* both commented on the significance of the Winter Concert. Peterson has been playing for ten years and Willsie for four but both made the cut for Jazz band which is audition based. “Its great to be home at the PAC playing just for the community,” said Peterson.

Wilsie explained, “a good deal of our performances are for paneled competitions. But this is one of our biggest shows and it’s just about getting out there and having fun.”

Peterson nodded, “as fun as it is, a ton of work goes into the prep for this one night, there are many songs we only do just for this show, so this is one of the best reasons to get out and see us play. Be sure to catch us next year if you missed us this year.”