2017 Art All State Acceptances

gdrhs-2017-art-allstateCongratulations to Haley Ashburn (2018) (pictured left) and Pamela Marino (2018) (pictured right), who were both accepted to Art All-State.

Each year high schools are allowed to nominate two juniors for the All State application process. Haley and Pam were rigorously interviewed by the All-State panel for the opportunity to be mentored by prominent artists in a two day program at U Mass Dartmouth in June.

As both were selected, they will work on ambitious large scale conceptual projects along with many of the brightest and most dedicated art students in Massachusetts. Because of the prestige of the program and limited spots, artists must have strong portfolios and connection to their work. They must also have resumes that reflect a record of outstanding service, leadership and collaboration.

We’ll be sure to follow up with them in June to hear about this unique experience and see images of their All-State work.

Haley Ashburn: Soar Illustration (Haley’s Digital Portfolio) and Pamela Marino: Day Meets Night Illustration (Pamela’s Digital Portfolio)