Middle School News – February 10, 2019

News from the Middle School:

The February 13th PTO meeting has been cancelled. However, we would love to hear from parents who are considering a run at supporting the PTO next year. Three of our four current officers have served for several years and their children are 8th graders. So, we are looking for some new recruits! If you are interested in learning what the PTO does and how you can support this committee next year, please come to our March 13th (4pm) meeting in the South Library!

February 15th will be a half day, dismissal at 11:25 a.m.

Dress For Success Day – Our Student Council would like to inspire school spirit, and promote positive self expression. They are asking students to wear whatever success looks like for them. If success looks like a CEO, wear something formal. If success looks like a football coach, wear nicer exercise wear. If success looks like wearing a shirt with an inspiring message, then wear that shirt. Whichever career you chose, dress to be successful for it. As a reminder, students should stay school and weather appropriate in their attire.

IA – All students have been sent an invite to sign up for an Integrated Arts (IA) Exploratory Block for that morning. Since we are quite a few of these exploratory blocks into the year, students should be very familiar with how to sign up. Therefore, anyone that does not get signed up by the deadline, will sit in the office during their IA period on Friday. [I am aware that this sounds harsh, however, for every one of these Friday exploratory sessions, we have had students not sign up, change their mind the day of, or try to get out of what they signed up for at the last minute. This has been highly disruptive to both offices and the IAs with students moving in and out, and arriving late. ]

During the afternoon, all teachers and para educators will be in professional development sessions regarding how to scaffold lessons for all learners.

Middle School Enrichment: Spring Activities Sign up

The Groton Dunstable Youth Softball League is now accepting registrations for girls ages 5 – 15 for spring softball. Have fun while competing. Develop new skills, gain knowledge of the game, and grow with confidence, teamwork and so much more! Register today by visiting gdysl.com.

PRIDE: Integrity: Demonstrate honesty, possess a strong moral compass and the capacity to do the right thing.

Kathi McCollumn, Principal