Middle School News April 16, 2019

Hopefully everyone within reach of this email has been enjoying the beautiful spring vacation so far!

April 26th – Half Day, dismissal at 11:30, all students will again be able to pre-sign up for an Integrated Arts Exploratory Session. Students not signed up by April 24 will sit in the office for their IA block on the 26th. Sign-ups will take place in school next week.

If your 8th grader will be attending the Washington, DC trip, all medications are due to Nurse Flett by April 26th.

The 3rd season of Netflix 13 Reasons Why is upcoming. Some thoughts for parents: This was a documentary that came out during Season 1, The contents of the show can be quite disturbing, and possibly impactful to pre-teens and teens that are fragile emotionally.


The last day of school will be June 12th….in case you were wondering!

PRIDE –¬†Empathy: Demonstrate kindness and compassion for others.

Kathi McCollumn, Principal