Middle School News – August 27, 2019

Tomorrow is the day, parents! The first day of school. All of the middle school staff have been hard at work preparing for a fantastic year of learning and growth for all! Just a couple of reminders…

Car drop off – please drive to the left after entering driveway and continue along the back of the parking lot all the way around the red Twomey Center building and behind the North building. Students will be allowed out of cars at 7:56 – please do not let them out before this time! Please do not let them out of the cars ANYWHERE else but behind the North building for safety sake. Thank you!

Groton-Dunstable Regional School District Bus Routes

The bus routes are on the GDRSD website…’About’…’Transportation’ for future reference, but here they are:

Groton Dunstable Regional School District Lunch Program:

Lunch Menus, Nutrition, Pricing, Contact Info, etc. Lunch via Whitsons; available on the GDRSD website….’Departments’….’Food’. It would be immensely helpful if parents and teachers could show the new menus to students. The key is to note that the ‘sign’ on the menu next to an item selection will also be hanging above the actual food items in the kitchen. The menus will also be in the school cafeterias. So, knowing ahead of time what food you want, will help students to go to the correct line to pick it up

Groton Dunstable High School pdfPDF | HTML
Groton Dunstable Florence Roche Elementary pdfPDF | HTML
Groton Dunstable Swallow Union Elementary pdfPDF | HTML
Groton Dunstable Middle School North pdfPDF | HTML
Groton Dunstable Middle School South pdfPDF | HTML

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Kathi McCollumn