Middle School News – September 19, 2019

Good Evening!

School Messenger: We’ve heard from our District Tech Department that Hotmail users may not be able to easily receive and view emails from people in the school district, including my weekly emails.  Please know that you can always view my emails on our middle school website under “News” (here’s a link   http://gdrsd.org/gdrms/news/).  However, we believe that Hotmail users should add our domain gdrsd.org to the “allow” list or “do not block” list in their Hotmail portal.  This way you won’t miss important emails from teachers and others within our district.

Every two weeks, student grades will be updated in School Brains by teachers. This past Wednesday, 9/18 marks the latest update. A bi-weekly check on grades with your middle school child(ren) is a great way to get them used to monitoring these grades and setting goals for improvement as needed.

We are looking for staff, parents and community members that might be interested in serving on our School Council for the year. This is an advisory board that discusses many aspects of the middle school experience. The meetings will be 4:15 – 5:15 on 10/2/19, 11/6/19, 1/9/20, 2/5/20, 4/1/20, 5/6/20. Please let me know if you are interested!

Middle School Programs: We are very fortunate to have two student presentations next week. For students in grades 5 (9/24) and 6 (9/23) we will have a presentation from Massachusetts Partnership for Youth on Cyber Safety. Building administration, counselors and our SRO previewed this program this week. There will be discussion and video clips to inform students via vignettes and real student interviews about staying safe on-line and making good decisions about social media involvement. The students in grades 7 (9/23) and 8 (9/24) will have a presentation from Minding Your Minds organization. We will have a trained young person sharing their experiences with mental health issues and how they overcame obstacles. I believe both programs are very much needed in this day. I anticipate that both of these programs will be impactful to students and they may create a need for conversations between our students and counselors/teachers/parents. If you have any questions about either of these programs, please contact me.

Message from our PTO: Our next PTO meeting will be on Thursday, October 3rd, 9:15-10:15 am, we invite faculty and parents to join us! Only 3 days left to get your GDRMS spirit wear!!! Check out www.tinyurl.com/gdrms-spirit by THIS SUNDAY! And add Groton Dunstable Middle School PTO to your Facebook feed! Thanks!

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PRIDE – Determination: Be ready to learn. Don’t give up. Work hard.

Kathi McCollumn, Principal