Peace, Pride Windmills on Display at GDRMS

This week, the Groton Dunstable Middle School Art Department is celebrating the International Day of Peace (Sept. 21st) and the Fourth Annual Betsy Sawyer Day. To honor this day, every student made at least one Pinwheel with symbolic messages about PEACE. As symbolism goes, we felt it important that Betsy Sawyer’s Big Book of Peace continue to grow and share our future generation’s wondrous views on Peace. Most of our pinwheels are constructed from scraps paper from the Big Book pages.

As the Big Book finished its construction process, the remaining scrap paper rolls were donated to the middle school art department. In turn, we brought that paper full circle to its initial purpose, sending messages of Peace to our community. Groups of students painted one side of these long rolls of paper in vibrant colors. The paper was then cut down, colorful symbols of peace were added, and students assembled them into pinwheels.

If you’re visiting the Middle School this week, take notice of our pinwheels forming a peace symbol by the school entrance and our Pinwheels for PRIDE. To have peace, we must ALL work towards the qualities of PRIDE: Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination & Empathy. Take a peaceful moment to watch our Pinwheels spinning in the breeze this week.

Please check out the Pinwheels for Peace web page.