Middle School News April 3, 2020

Good Afternoon GDRMS Community!

Class Schedule: As you know all public school students in the State of Massachusetts will be required to ‘attend’ virtual school as of Monday, April 6th. Each grade will reach out to parents with their weekly schedule. We have been working on this schedule for the past couple of weeks to limit overlap between grades and to make the experience as equitable for all students as possible. Grade levels may share schedules and access to learning opportunities via Google Classroom, a Menu Board or some similar approach. Each one will have a link to the IA options as well.

Integrated Arts (IA): All IA teachers are offering a series of activities for students in grades 5-8. Students do not need to ‘attend’ their regular IA classes but must complete a minimum of 3-5 activities, per week, in a satisfactory manner, in order to PASS all their IA classes. For example, if a student would normally have Spanish, PE, Art, Chorus, PLTW, STEM – they can work on activities in those subjects and/or any IA subject for a total of 3-5 per week. This is a great opportunity to explore many avenues and experiences, some of these activities will even invite parents to join in! Additional information about expectations are linked on the IA main menu. Here is the link to our IA Main Menu page.

Parent Support: 

MS Counselors: Please know that we fully understand how difficult this time has been for our students and families and we want you to know that we are still here for you! If you have concerns about your middle school child(s) mental, emotional, social well being during this time, please feel free to contact their counselor: Grade 5 Ms. Zwicker czwicker@gdrsd.org ; Grade 6 Ms. Shedd kshedd@gdrsd.org; Grade 7 Ms. Ascione pascione@gdrsd.org; and, Grade 8 Ms. Muise amuise@gdrsd.org. Our counseling team may also reach out to you if any of the school staff express concern for your child, and/or your child is not showing up in the classes they should be in!

MS Nurses: With all of the news regarding COVID 19 there are so many unanswered questions amidst all of the typical middle school well being issues that arise. Life as we know it has changed for the entire world, but we will get through it by working together. During the school closure, please know that you can still contact our school nurses with any medical conditions and concerns including available community resources to assist you and your family. Our health department is here to support students, families and staff throughout this challenging time. Please do not hesitate to contact Nurse Gray for students in grades 5 & 6: lgray@gdrsd.org ; and, Nurse Fleming for students in grades 7 & 8: pfleming@gdrsd.org.

I wish you a healthy and safe weekend. Please understand that many of our staff have been working very long hours over the past few weeks. Work life and home life has been blurring for many staff members (as may be happening in your homes as well)! Please understand that if you send a communication to any of the ms staff between 3pm today and Monday morning that it will probably NOT be answered until Monday as we are asking all of them to power down in order to be ready for a new way of teaching and learning next week.

We wish you well, Kathi McCollumn, Principal