Grade 8 News – April 16, 2020

Good Afternoon 8th Grade Parents!

I know that this is a difficult time for all, but I feel that the students in the transition years, such as grade 4, 8 and 12 are getting hit extra hard during this pandemic. Here is my latest information for DC and high school transition for our 8th graders:

Washington DC trip:

My heart goes out to these students, I have been to DC many, many times with 8th graders and have always felt it was one of the best experiences for students in middle school. The latest information I have for the Washington DC June trip is that at this moment in time neither Capital Tours nor GDRSD have cancelled this trip. I cannot imagine that the trip will happen, as DC will probably not be ready to receive thousands of 8th graders any time soon. In the event we do not return to school this year, we hope to plan a ‘virtual’ DC tour with all 8th grade teachers so that our students can get a little taste of this much anticipated trip. In the event we do return to school and do not go to DC, we would also hope to plan a mock DC tour with our students and faculty at GDRMS.

The deadline for final payment and/or parent cancellation has been moved to May 5th. (Previously April 24th).

In the event of parent cancellation or GDRMS cancellation:

a.  If parents purchased the trip insurance, then their refund will be everything paid to date less $94.

b. If parents did not purchase the trip insurance, then their refund will be everything paid to date less $125.



Here is what happened so far:

1. A ppt was sent to all grade 8 parents a few weeks ago, there is a great deal of information about the high school.

2. All grade 8 teachers made course recommendations in school brains

3. Parents/students have seen the course recommendations and ask for any changes they want to make

Here is what will happen next:

1. High School counselors will be reaching out to each student to go over course selection, and answer questions/ concerns April 13 – 24. [If a student forgot to go into School Brains and choose classes, he/she can email his/her high school counselor directly, and indicate his/her preferred course selections  for next year.]

2. Sometime in late May/early June, students will be given access to their actual schedules and allowed time to work with counselors on any necessary or desired changes.

These are all the things that typically happen. So in my opinion we are on course for the high school.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kathi

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