Middle School News – April 30, 2020

Happy Thursday – can you believe that tomorrow marks 7 weeks of school closure! Well, I know you can believe it, you are living it! This email is packed with lots of information. It will also be posted on the school website and the Remote Learning Website: https://sites.google.com/gdrsd.org/distancelearningopportunities/home

Grades for ELA, Math, Science and SS have been updated in School Brains as of April 29th (bi-weekly update); this is a great time to look over grades with your middle schooler….and have them log in with their own School Brains log in so that they are used to using it. IA classes are not grading as we go along in School Brains, but this is a reminder that every student is required to average 3 activities (submitted and approved) per week of closure….so that will be 10 weeks since we started requiring assignments…students will need at least 30 approved activities submitted in order to get a passing grade for their IA classes for 4th quarter. By this Saturday, May 2nd, students should have completed a total of 12 activities. Acknowledgement of activities are via an automated email that will go out to students on Wednesdays for the previous week.

IA Choices for 2020-2021 This is exactly why students need to know their School Brains log-ins, parents of students in grades 5-7 have been invited to work with their middle schooler to sign up for the IA choices for next year. Information was sent to each grade level of parents already, here are the links, please have your middle schooler select IA classes for next year by Monday, May 4th.

Current Grade 5: Program of Studies and Directions for Making IA selection

Current Grade 6: Program of Studies Course Descriptions and Directions for IA selection

Current Grade 7: 20-21 MS Portal Course Recommendation

Library Books – If your middle schooler would like to borrow a school library book, students can check the catalog on Class link to see if the book is available, and in which building’s library. Books may be borrowed when students come into school to clean out their lockers. Please return books that you have at that time as well.

Yearbook Believe it or not, the yearbook committee has still been working on our 2019-20 Yearbook! Since we are not together in the building, parents, staff and students are invited to upload pictures that could possibly be used for this yearbook. Here is the link: https://link.entourageyearbooks.com/view_account.asp?l=F6B52EAD-FAAC-409A-A239-1B27EB5D6838

Tuesday is Remote Games Day! Please let your middle schooler know that they are invited to join in on the fun with games run by school staff and Student Council members – students sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050444afab2ba0f49-game2


End of Year Details

1. Any lunch monies that are in the cafeteria account for your GD student will be rolled over to their account next year. If this student is leaving the District, the money will be transferred to a sibling in the District. If the student is leaving the District and does not have a sibling, please contact our Business Manager, Ms. Sherry Kersey: skersey@gdrsd.org

2. Refunds for Washington, DC trip, Sports, and Grade 5 Lowell Mills field trip have been processed.

3. Locker clean-out and project pick up will be available the afternoons of May 7th and 12th and the morning of May 12th. This would be a perfect time to return school library books. [Ms. Russo sent out a sign up for these days as pre-registration for access to the building will be required to manage numbers of students.] Some teachers will be placing student projects outside of their classrooms, if your middle schooler has a project in school, please reach out to that specific teacher to find out if it will be available for pick up. Some projects may be held until September. Sign up if you have not for locker clean out times [ONLY students allowed into school, must wear a mask.]

Middle School South Link- https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0F45AAAA29A5FD0-locker

Middle School North Link – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70A0F45AAAA29A5FD0-locker1

4. Return of textbooks, school materials, chrome books, ipads, etc. will be scheduled for a date in June, more information to follow.

PRIDE Determination: Be ready to learn. Don’t give up. Work hard.

Kathi McCollumn, Principal

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