Middle School News – May 8, 2020

Good Morning! Happy Friday! Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

As you might have heard, the State Department of Education has moved to a Phase 3 for education. Phase 1 occurred the first three weeks of closure where the activities were voluntary and more fun based; Phase 2 started on April 6th and required students to attend remote classes and complete remote assignments; Phase 3 is allowing for some shifts in grade level schedules to allow for perhaps less full class Zoom type classes to more opportunities for small groups such as in office hours and/or more pre-recorded instruction that students can access at any time. So, individual grade levels may reach out to let students know about any shifts in schedule. They are still required to be completing assignments.

May 11th we have extended the deadline for students entering grades 6,7,8 to have selected their IA choices for next year. I sent this out to parents 2-3 times already, my emails are posted on the remote learning website and the school website under Middle School News. This week students that had not made their choices were also sent an email encouraging them to select IAs for next year. If IAs are not selected by Monday we will make these selections for students based on class sizes. If students selected more classes than they were supposed to (ie. Pick one…and they picked four) we will change these selections based on class sizes. Current Grade 5: Program of Studies and Directions for Making IA selection; Current Grade 6: Program of Studies Course Descriptions and Directions for IA selection ; Current Grade 7: 20-21 MS Portal Course Recommendation

May 12th will be Voluntary Remote Games Day, open to any student or staff member, please let your middle schooler know that is they are interested they need to sign up here by 1pm on Tuesday: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050444AFAB2BA0F49-remote

Parent PD Offerings: Information Sessions for Parents/Guardians/Caregivers

May 15th was always scheduled as a half day on the calendar. Teachers may opt to not run any classes or office hours after 11:30 a.m. on May 15th.

Integrated Arts (IA) during school closure. As I am sure you are all aware, all students have been asked to complete 3 IA activities per week during this closure. Here is some information:

  1. As of Thursday morning, 6,973 activity submissions, so that is a huge number of activities for our IA teachers to comb thru and approve! Thank you for your patience as we have worked through a system for this. Each Wednesday, an automated email is sent to students letting them know if their submitted activities were approved or not.
  2. Activities must be submitted on the form we have sent out, not sent directly to teachers.
  3. As of tomorrow, May 9th, students should have completed and had approved 15 IA activities.
  4. By June 6th, students should have completed 27 total activities.
  5. I know this is kind of late…but here is a check list that students could go back through their emails and find how many they had approved each week and record them here to track totals: IA Checklist
  6. Students that have REGULARLY attended Learning Center, Small Group Reading, Reading Intervention, Math Intervention during the school closure may not have to complete all 27 IA activities. For example, if a student has regularly attended 1 of the above classes every week, he/she only has to do 2 IAs per week; if a student has regularly attended 2 of the above classes every week, he/she only has to do 1 IA per week. We are collecting this information and will contact parents directly with this information.
  7. The PTO has generously donated PRIDE t-shirts to our IA department! So the five students in EACH grade that have the most approved submitted activities between April 6 and June 6 will win a brand new PRIDE t-shirt!

PRIDE Empathy: Demonstrate kindness. Have compassion for others.

Kathi McCollumn, Principal

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