Middle School News – May 15, 2020

Happy Friday, here’s some news from the Middle School!

Grades – As of May 13th, School Brains grades have been updated for students in Math, ELA, Science and SS. This is a good time to check in with your middle schooler…have them log in with their own school brains account to check grades.

IAs – As of tomorrow, May 16th, our goal is for students to have successfully submitted 18 IA activities. (Parents of students attending Learning Centers and/or Reading Intervention or Math Intervention regularly since April 6th have gotten an email that exempts them from some of the IA work.) As of June 10th when all IAs are due, the five students in each grade with the highest number of approved IA activities submitted will earn a free PRIDE t-shirt c/o GDRMS PTO…good luck all!

Here is the link to the website page with IA activities to choose from: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vQfio_SKS-5BX6ZGgrZZVS7cYZ7Oc54lfew2g-hytJfXXwrtG2wrixCP21S_UbYwc-y5QHOqeevEns8/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000&slide=id.g7235e600da_0_197.

And….here is what you have been waiting for! Thank you to Ms. Audra Kaplan and Ms. Karen Majkut for their tireless work in monitoring which IAs have been completed and in reminding students/parents about what is still needed. Hot off the presses to keep up with IAs: Each middle schooler can click this link to view the current status of the work they have submitted. They will see which activities have been approved, which have not, as well as what they need to do to fix them, and which have not yet been viewed by the teacher. Bookmark this link so you can check in at any time.  If a student needs to make changes for an activity to be approved, make the changes and then email the teacher to let them know that it has been fixed.  Do not submit the assignment again as it is already in the system.

Game Day Tuesdays – Please let your middle schooler know that next Tuesday, May 19th marks our 5th week of remote games. This is a voluntary activity, just for the fun of it run by some staff and Student Council members. Here is the link for next Tuesdays Games: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050444AFAB2BA0F49-remote1

SEL Fridays – The District will be focusing on wellness and social-emotional learning on May 22nd and June 5th. Students will practice essential SEL skills by choosing tasks from a board of activities created by staff and student leaders. Choices will include art, music, fitness, meditation and relaxation options. We hope this is an afternoon for your child to connect, to relax and to feel a sense of joy and accomplishment. These Choice Boards can be found on the Remote Learning Page as well as the Teachers posted them on their website/Google Classroom.

Next year change of schools:

  1. If your middle schooler (entering grades 6-8) will be leaving GDRMS next year to attend another school, please complete this survey: MS School Intentions 2020-2019
  2. Parents of current grade 8 students that will NOT be attending our high school next year should complete the following survey if you haven’t already in response to my May 8th email: HS School Intention Survey

PRIDE: Positivity: Demonstrate open-mindedness. Be accepting and support diverse thinking. Have a willingness to learn.

Kathi McCollumn, Principal

#Master Today