Middle School News – May 28, 2020

Good Morning – With June lurking around the corner, we are definitely on the count down here …. but we are not done yet! Thank you for continuing to support teaching and learning at home. We understand that this has been tough, but we, as a staff, want the same thing that parents do, what is best for our students. At this point, that means staying the course, attending zoom classes, using office hours as needed (or requested), completing assignments, finishing up IAs, completing assessments, just trying your best.

Integrated Arts [IAs] All students were sent a link so that they can log in and see how many IAs they have submitted that have been approved. The goal is to have students complete a total of 27 IA activities by June 9th. This may sound like a lot…but if they had been in school they would have attended approximately 90 IA classes over the 9 weeks that IAs have been assigned! As you may recall, we have PRIDE t-shirts to award to the 5 students in each grade that has the most approved IA activities [must be submitted by June 5th to qualify]. T-shirts will be available for pick up on June 15th and 16th.

School Brains has continued to be updated by teachers bi-weekly, May 27th was the last due date for an update. Even though students are not in school, they are still being graded for the work they are completing. Additionally, even though most students will pass on to the next grade, there is a possibility that they could fail a course(s) for the quarter and this will remain on their transcripts. We do not want to see this happen with any student, but they have to meet the expectations. We are trying to meet as many standards as we can to prepare all students for entering school next year. This is a great time to check in on grades with your middle school child(ren).

June 2nd: Tuesdays are Games Days! We have two more voluntary remote games days left for the year. Students will get a sign up in an email, probably on Monday. The games run 2-3pm each Tuesday and are run by GDRMS staff members.

June 5th: SEL Friday – The District will be focusing on wellness and social-emotional learning on May 22nd and June 5th. Students will practice essential SEL skills by choosing tasks from a board of activities created by staff and student leaders. Choices will include art, music, fitness, meditation and relaxation options. We hope this is an afternoon for your child to connect, to relax and to feel a sense of joy and accomplishment. These Choice Boards can be found on the Remote Learning Page as well as the Teachers posted them on their website/Google Classroom.

June 11th: Grade 8 Graduation – we will hold a Zoom Graduation Ceremony that will run approximately 6-8pm (probably not that whole time). Zoom invites will be sent to families prior to the event on June 11th.

June 12th: Last Day for Classes!

June 15th & 16th: Materials Returns: Textbooks, Library Books, Classroom Books/Materials: May all be returned to school in the receptacles in front of each building.

Electronic Devices: An email will follow with details on how to return any school owned devices that were used during the school closure

May 31st: Shout Outs: If you have a Shout Out for any GDRMS Staff Member, here is your chance to let them know by Sunday please: https://forms.gle/hA4A3hFRxJPDs31g7

PRIDE Integrity: Demonstrate honesty. Being able to own your choices. To do the right thing when no one is looking.

Be Well,

Kathi McCollumn, Principal

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