gdrms-students-ts-chromebook-squareIn order to provide a more balanced middle school education and facilitate the implementation of support and enrichment for all students, our master schedule employs a two-day rotation format.  The schedule for each grade level includes a 25 minute block called Flex Block.  During some of those blocks, students will be engaging in digital citizenship activities from our Digital Compass program. 

The Flex Blocks will also provide students with opportunities to access teachers and/or counselors for support (e.g., make up missing work, receive extra help, initiate and receive support with homework).

Included below are diagrams that depict the structures of the schedules for each grade level.  Please click here for our Rotation Calendar.

Day 1 Day 2
8:08AM-8:36AM HR/Flex  (A Block)
8:36AM-10:27AM CORE
(B & C Block)
(C & B Block)
10:41AM-12:32PM CORE
(D & E Block)
(E & D Block)
12:32 PM-12:57PM LUNCH
12:57PM-2:25PM IA
Day 1 Day 2
8:08AM-9:36AM IA
9:36AM-10:31AM CORE (C Block) CORE(G Block)
10:31AM-11:26AM CORE (D Block) CORE (F Block)
11:26AM-11:51AM LUNCH
11:51AM-12:05PM RECESS
12:05PM-12:35PM FLEX
12:35PM-1:30PM CORE (F Block) CORE (D Block)
1:30PM -2:25 PM CORE (G Block) CORE (C Block)
Day 1 Day 2
8:08AM-9:07AM CORE (A Block) CORE (G Block)
9:07AM – 10:05AM CORE (B Block) CORE (C Block)
10:05AM-11:04AM CORE (C Block) CORE (B Block)
11:04AM-12:32PM IA
12:32PM – 1:02PM Lunch
1:02PM – 1:27PM Flex
1:27PM – 2:25PM CORE (G Block) CORE (A Block)
Day 1 Day 2
8:08AM-9:06AM CORE (A Block) CORE (G Block)
9:06-9:36AM Flex
9:36AM-11:04AM IA
11:04AM-12:02PM CORE (E Block) CORE (F Block)
12:02PM – 12:27PM Lunch
12:27PM – 1:25PM CORE (F Block) CORE (E Block)
1:25PM-2:25PM CORE (G Block) CORE (A Block)