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Middle School News – May 31, 2019

Greetings to Parents of Students in grades 4-7! I know, you cannot wait to jump into summer….before you jump, have a look at some summer reading and math suggestions to keep those skills sharp. There are even some suggestions for adult reading! https://sites.google.com/gdrsd.org/gdrms-summer-connection/home Back to School Supplies – School Tool Box Groton Public Library Our core values focus on … read more

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Grade 8 News – May 31, 2019

Wow – hard to believe….this may be one of the last of my messages you will receive as a parent of an 8th grader! Product Fair – well this was a new experience for me! Shout out to the grade 8 teachers for all of their hard work to pull this event off after MCAS … read more


Middle School – Summer Edition – May 24, 2019

Garden Classroom: There is an established garden in the Middle School South building that really needs revitalization. We would like to decrease the amount of maintenance and turn the space into a Garden Classroom. If you or a group would like to help out, there will be two work days, June 18 and 19 and plenty of … read more


Middle School News – May 24, 2019

Good Evening! A reminder that all grades should have been updated as of May 22nd – please check School Brain grades – as you know by now, if your child has 2 or more end of the year ‘F’ grades, they may be subject to retention. We have had a change in our counseling department for next year. We wish … read more

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Middle School News – May 17, 2019

Good Evening! Spring Fling Dance for students in grades 7&8 – tonight, 7-9 pm in the North cafeteria. $5 admission, snacks available for purchase. Please drop students off in the back of the North building by the cafeteria entrance at 7pm and pick them up in the same place at 9pm. Please be prompt in … read more


Middle School News May 10, 2019

Guess What? Yup you guessed it, it is raining…again…someday the sun will come out to stay a few days! Today, May 10th marks the half-way point of the 4th quarter. School Brains grading has been updated with all available assignments as of May 8th. This is a great time to look at grades with your … read more


Grade 8 Graduation News

Grade 8 Graduation – Grade 8 Graduation will take place on June 11th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm in the PAC of the Middle School South building. Graduation Participation: Any student with outstanding library books, cafeteria expenses and two or more ‘F’ grades may not be eligible to take part in the graduation ceremony. Tickets: Just … read more

Patriotic Spring

Middle School News May 3, 2019

Dear Parents and Faculty – Our last School Council Meeting of the year will be on May 9th in the South Library at 3:15 – faculty and parents are welcome! Our PTO Staff Appreciation Luncheon will be on May 17th – thank you in advance for this fantastic event! If you would like to support this event, please check … read more


Middle School News April 27, 2019

Happy Saturday – hopefully the sun will show up today! Reminder that all grades have been updated in School Brain, as of April 24th. This is a good time to look over grades with your middle schooler. Please keep in mind that any student with an end of the year (4 quarters) grade of more … read more

Empathy #2

Middle School News April 16, 2019

Hopefully everyone within reach of this email has been enjoying the beautiful spring vacation so far! April 26th – Half Day, dismissal at 11:30, all students will again be able to pre-sign up for an Integrated Arts Exploratory Session. Students not signed up by April 24 will sit in the office for their IA block … read more