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Middle School News June 11, 2020

Happy Thursday! Classes and Grades: Probably most middle school classes will be held for the last time today. Students may still turn in Math, Science, Social Studies and ELA assignments until tonight. Grades will be ‘live’ in School Brains by Monday June 15th, at 3pm. IAs – IA Activities are no longer being accepted as they were … read more

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Middle School News – June 5, 2020

Happy Friday Everyone! As you might know, Tuesday is game day! Here is the sign up for our last Tuesday game day! 2:00-3:00pm, voluntary for students.  Integrated Arts (IA) activities. As you may recall, when we started requiring classes and assignments on April 6th, we talked about being told by the State of Massachusetts that … read more

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Middle School News – May 28, 2020

Good Morning – With June lurking around the corner, we are definitely on the count down here …. but we are not done yet! Thank you for continuing to support teaching and learning at home. We understand that this has been tough, but we, as a staff, want the same thing that parents do, what … read more

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Middle School News – May 21, 2020

Wow – what a beautiful day! Two days in a row, I was fortunate to work from home….on my deck! May 22nd and June 5th have been deemed ‘SEL Days‘ What does that mean?? [Social Emotional Learning] All students and staff members have been invited to set aside their devices and school work focus and … read more

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Middle School News – May 15, 2020

Happy Friday, here’s some news from the Middle School! Grades – As of May 13th, School Brains grades have been updated for students in Math, ELA, Science and SS. This is a good time to check in with your middle schooler…have them log in with their own school brains account to check grades. IAs – … read more

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Middle School News – May 8, 2020

Good Morning! Happy Friday! Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! As you might have heard, the State Department of Education has moved to a Phase 3 for education. Phase 1 occurred the first three weeks of closure where the activities were voluntary and more fun based; Phase 2 started on April 6th and required students to attend … read more

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Middle School News – April 30, 2020

Happy Thursday – can you believe that tomorrow marks 7 weeks of school closure! Well, I know you can believe it, you are living it! This email is packed with lots of information. It will also be posted on the school website and the Remote Learning Website: https://sites.google.com/gdrsd.org/distancelearningopportunities/home Grades for ELA, Math, Science and SS have been … read more

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Middle School News – April 24, 2020

Well, today marks the 6th week of school closure, unbelievable! I know these are unprecedented times and I know that our GDRMS Community is strong together. Thank you to parents/guardians for your patience and understanding while we figure out this new way of schooling. Thank you to families for supporting your middle schooler(s) as we all endeavor to … read more

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Middle School News – April 17, 2020

Happy Sunny Friday! I have had a number of email questions regarding the Integrated Arts (IA) expectations during school closure. Just to clarify – we are expecting every student to complete at least 3 activities from ANY IA. This can be 3 from the same one, or three different IAs. The choice is up to … read more