Principal Update June 1, 2018

  1. This is an exciting time of the year.  We try to keep the same routines rolling until the end of the school year.  Our staff does a great job keeping our students engaged with their school work during the last month of the school year.  However, we know students have worked incredible hard all year, so we will also have some fun during our last few weeks.
  2. I want to recognize all of our third and fourth graders, as they just concluded their MCAS.  They all put in a great effort and we our very proud of them.
  3. We are currently working on our class placements for next year.  Our staff puts a great deal of time into this process, and I trust they will make the appropriate placement for your child.  We will be having step up day on the last day of school.  During this time, your child will have a chance to meet their new classmates and teacher.
  4. Our 4th graders will be presenting the play “Once Upon A Mattress”.  We will be having two shows, Friday, June 8th at 7:00 and Saturday, June 9th at 7:00.  It will take place in the SU cafeteria, and tickets will be sold at the door.  It is sure to be a great performance from our 4th graders.
  5. As the weather turns warmer, I know our students like to wear flip flops.  However, I would appreciate if they can avoid wearing them.  Our students are very active during recess and the new mulch could cause injury.
  6. As a reminder, the last day of school will be Wednesday, June 20th.  It will be a half-day for students.