Health Information

We would like to remind you of some school health protocols. Please refer to the Health Services page on the district website for complete information regarding attendance guidelines, medication administration in school, Nursing forms, and other information.

Please keep the nurses apprised of any health issues. The Nurses are in the building during regular school hours. Thank you for your cooperation and help. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Fevers – A student may not attend school with a fever above 100 degrees, and he/she must be fever free (below 100 degrees without medication) for at least 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Contagious Illness –If a child is placed on antibiotics for an infection that is contagious, he/she must take the medicine for at least 24 hours before returning to school.
  • GI Illness – A child who has had vomiting or diarrhea must stay home until free from these symptoms for at least 12 hours or as the nurse advises.

Please notify the nurse for any of the above illnesses. 

All medicines to be taken in school must be brought to school by an adult and be in a pharmacy labeled bottle, or, for over the counter medicines, in the original container. The only medications that may be in the possession of a student in school or on the bus are Epi Pens and inhalers, with permission of the Nurse. A parent must sign a permission slip before ANY medicine can be given. In addition, a doctor’s order must be provided for most prescription medications. An exception to this is for antibiotics, which may be given with the signed parent permit only and with the medication in the pharmacy labeled container. Any medication to be given for more than 10 doses will need a doctor’s order. Please do not send any medicines in baggies- we cannot administer these. Please remember, other than Epi Pens and inhalers, students may not carry medications on the bus or at school. 

Physicals are required for all Kindergarten and new students and then again in 3rd Yearly physicals do not need to be sent in unless a new health concern has been identified.

The District requires updated physical exams to be on file for 3rd grade students. If you have a 3rd grader, please remember to send in a copy of the physical when he/she has an exam this year. Physicals done over this past summer are acceptable. Parents of 4th graders-if you did not send in a physical last year, please send it in as soon as possible.