Principal Notes – January 22

Dear Florence Roche Families,

Valentine’s Day is a special day for our elementary students and it will be here soon.  Traditionally, students have exchanged cards and each classroom had its own form of celebration.  Parents have been wondering about our plans for Valentine’s Day this year following the current COVID guidelines.

Mrs. Taylor met with a representative group of our teachers and had a thoughtful conversation about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our students this year.  Please review our plan and reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Valentines DayValentine’s Day is coming! We love days that give us an opportunity to talk about friendships. This year may look a little bit different but we are still excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our students. 

Each teacher will choose to celebrate in a way that makes sense for their classroom/students. For example, some remote classes may decide to mail valentines, some hybrid and remote classes may make digital valentines, some may do paper valentines, while some others may do a valentine craft or activity of some sort. 

The following are some common things we want to make sure everyone is aware of so that you know what “rules” to follow if it applies to your child: 

  • We will not be having classroom celebrations that involve food. 

This means no snacks, treats, candy or drinks.

  • No food will be shared by the students. This means students may not bring candy or food of any type to share with classmates. 
  • If your teacher is planning to do a paper valentine exchange all valentines would need to be brought to school by February 4th. Valentines must be clearly labeled and in a Ziploc bag. They would remain in the classroom to quarantine prior to being handed out. Teachers would then sort the Valentines and give them to the students on Feb 11th. 

Please note that these are our guidelines and that it is up to individual teachers to decide what they want and feel comfortable doing.  Some classes may not participate in actual valentines this year but they will still have opportunities to talk about friendship and ways to show kindness to others.  

Be on the lookout for information from your child’s teacher so you know what to expect. 

MCAS Update for Spring 2021

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recently informed school districts that the annual MCAS testing will take place in English Language Arts and math for our grades 3 and 4 students.  These assessments will be scheduled in late April and late May.  There will be one session of both ELA and math for our students.  This means that each 3rd and 4th grader will have testing on 2 days between the end of April and the end of May.


I will be working with the teachers to develop a plan and schedule for these assessments over the next few weeks.  When we finalize these dates, we will communicate them out to families.  I just want to give you an advanced notice for any long range planning you may have with appointments, etc.



I love this message and smile every time I walk by this 4th grade classroom.  Thank you 4th graders!

Have a nice weekend!