Principal Notes – April 2nd

Dear Florence Roche Families,Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 5.15.08 PM

Happy April!  We survived April Fool’s Day without too many pranks.  I did get quite a few jokes shared with me throughout the day and that was fun.  It certainly feels like spring when we have the Red Sox playing at Fenway again.  

Just a reminder about our changing school day schedule beginning on Monday…

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 5.13.16 PMRemember that our school day will change beginning on April 5th.  Our arrival time and process will remain the same beginning at 8:45am.  Dismissal will now begin at 3:10pm with parents meeting their students at the classroom doors.  The buses will begin to load students shortly after that.  The half day kindergarten students will now be dismissed at 12:00pm.  All in person students will attend school on Fridays beginning on April 9th.  We will have early release Fridays on April 16th, May 7th, May 14th, May 21st, and June 4th.  June 14th is our last day of school for students and will also be an early release day.  Students will be dismissed on early release days beginning at 12:05pm with parents picking up at the classroom and buses following.  All half day kindergarten students will go home on their regular morning bus on the early release days. 

We are excited to see many of our students returning to in person learning on Monday.  We will continue to support our students remaining as remote learners and look forward to their return next fall.

Please consider having your child participate in our weekly pool testing program.  Every Tuesday we conduct pool testing for all students who have been given parent consent.  This is one of our strategies for keeping our school a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.  To have your child participate in the weekly pool testing, access the consent form here.  The testing will continue for the remainder of our school year.

Term 2 student report cards are now available through the parent portal in SchoolBrains.

Don’t forget to sign your child up for lunch each day if you would like them to have a school luScreen Shot 2021-04-02 at 5.10.05 PMnch.  Our kitchen prepares meals based on parent/guardian online sign ups.  You can order for the week or even for a month at a time.  Click here for the Monthly Menu. 

I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday weekend.