Summer Reading & Math Activities

Summer Reading 2019

Literacy and Summer, a Great Combination!
Summer provides the gift of time for your children to explore their passions and interests. You can encourage them to take advantage of this time and help them link their passions to great summer reading. You may be the one to help him or her find that book or series that they just won’t want to put down!

Read aloud to your child (no matter what age)
Listening comprehension precedes reading comprehension. It is recommended to read books two or three levels above your child’s independent reading level. This provides opportunities for discussion at higher levels of thinking, introduces new vocabulary, and demonstrates well-paced fluent reading.

Keep reading picture books
The themes in fiction picture books often trigger a high level of thought for discussion. Nonfiction picture books are both informational and enjoyable.

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Happy Summer Break!

Mrs. Volpe, Literacy Specialist

Summer Math 2019

Summer is a time to relax, enjoy the outdoors, spend time with your family, read some great books AND… do some math!

Research shows that students who continue to engage in activities that involve math skills, problem-solving and critical thinking activities during the summer months are better prepared for their next school year. These activities can be embedded in your daily routines, a choice of what you engage in, and something that you enjoy!

Included on this site are a wide variety of activities from which to choose; links to websites in which you can play games, some to practice your computational skills, a list of ideas for math projects, and books to read that involve math, to name a few!

While the materials included here are not a summer requirement, we do encourage you to try some of them. Get together with some friends and have a math game party, bring along some logic puzzles on a long car ride or have a friendly “Kakooma” competition! Have some fun with math this summer ~ you’ll be glad you did.

Please review our 2019 Summer Mathematics Website!

Happy Summer Break!

Mrs. Gartland, K-8 Mathematics Supervisor