Global Scholars Program


Mission Statement
The Groton-Dunstable Regional High School Global Scholars seek to empower students to identify their role as citizens of an increasingly global society by exploring and experiencing the world outside of our community.  Our aim is to help create global citizens who understand the importance of tolerance, value the distinctive qualities of other cultures, and are willing to embrace adventure.

Process for becoming a Global Scholar

  • Students can apply for recognition as a Global Scholar in their Junior year.
  • Students must be in good academic standing and have a strong attendance record.
  • Students should model the core values of GDRHS.

Application Requirements

  • We set no specific requirements for students to be accepted as a GD Global Scholar but we will measure each student on their own merit and ability to demonstrate, through their words and actions, why they should be recognized for this honor.

Examples of qualities and actions that would be expected of a global scholar.  

  • Participation in a World Language Program past the two year minimum requirement
  • Participation in other language studies outside of GD
  • Participation in an exchange opportunity.
  • Participation in service opportunities/service trips
  • Enrollment in Service Learning Class
  • Participation in Global Travel opportunities
  • Participation in cultural experiences, domestically or abroad
  • (attends multiple events to expose themselves to other cultures; in school field trip experiences with a variety of speakers, brings those experiences back into the school, classroom, community)
  • Creating an independent experience or internship that focuses on global activities or service related topics.  examples….
  • Participating in book studies, media or arts related to cultural diversity.  examples…
  • Take courses at GD related to Global Studies which could include…
        • World History II
        • Public Speaking
        • International Business
        • Current Events
        • Foundations Of Health
        • Economics
        • Sociology
        • International public health/microbiology
        • Global Studies…TBD

Note:  A student does not have to follow a specific path of requirements and may pursue opportunities not listed above.  It is expected that students in this program would participate in a multitude of these opportunities and others not mentioned but not all.

Why would you want to be a Global Scholar?

  • For many reasons that are difficult to quantify.  Being a Global Scholar means that you have interest in how the world works today, you respect and want to learn from other cultures, become proficient in a second language, make positive changes for the future of our planet and society, and many more…
  • Global Scholars will meet monthly to discuss ways in which we can provide global opportunities at GD.  Included in this would be planning international destinations, contributing to exchange programs, bringing in speakers to educate our students, staff and communities on global or historical issues and other opportunities yet to be identified.
  • Global scholars will be recognized at awards ceremonies and will be eligible for scholarship opportunities as Seniors.
  • It identifies you to colleges or employers as someone who thinks on a macro level and that you recognize a need for continued learning.

Global Scholars Application


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