Life is amazing. So how does it work, interact, vary, flourish, and fail? These are among the things our life science courses address. Students can learn about all these things by enrolling in our biology, environmental science, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, exercise science, biotechnology, and genetics courses. Chemistry talks about the forming and breaking of bonds between atoms, but what attracts one atom to another in the first place? What holds electrons to their nuclei and why is that hold stronger for some atoms than others? Electrical forces and forces in general describe these things. What is this energy that keeps coming up in chemistry and biology? How does it transform, store, or become wasted? All of these fall within physics, which attempts to describe the most fundamental rules of nature. From light and heat, and from protons to galaxies, physics tries to describe rules for it all. How can we use those rules to our advantage? How can we design and build and make things effectively? The sciences inform us of the rules, but using technology and designing things through engineering is the game.