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Program of Studies

The Groton-Dunstable Regional High School Program of Studies is designed to offer the best educational opportunities for all our students. Toward this end, the curricula are subject to ongoing review and revision to meet the ever-changing needs of the student body and the communities at large. This Program of Studies reflects a block schedule and graduation requirements that were accepted by the Groton-Dunstable Regional School Committee in the spring of 2013.

The Guidance Department, academic advisors, and teachers are available to assist students in creating a course sequence that fulfills both Groton-Dunstable Regional High School graduation requirements and prepares students for postgraduate study. Please review the course prerequisites and minimum graduation requirements.

Senior Internship

Approximately 40% of the senior class will take advantage of the Senior Internship, which typically takes place during the final quarter of the senior year. This long-standing and respected program allows eligible students opportunities to pursue alternative educational experiences within the surrounding communities while exploring potential future careers. The program requires students to adhere to rigorous expectations and standards, including producing journals, holding interviews, organizing meetings and completing an extensive formal writing component. Each student’s Internship culminates in a comprehensive multimedia presentation.

Independent Project (Formerly Senior Project)

Students pursue academic independence and exhibit responsible GDRHS citizenship within the greater school environment. The course engages students in personalized learning experiences through the exploration of subjects not available to them in the established curriculum. The course is completed in two phases within the semester. In the Research Phase students are charged with selecting a topic and charting their course of study; in the Action phase they will execute it responsibly through a product, performance, or community activity.

The Research phase stresses investigative protocols of source identification, note-taking, and proper source citation, and culminates in a comprehensive narrative of the student’s research. Students write journals, meet with the coordinator for research conferences, and document their weekly progress.

The Action phase requires application of the new knowledge. Students meet regularly with the coordinator, write work logs, and provide documentation of their progress. Following the writing of a reflective essay, they make a formal multimedia presentation of their projects to an appropriate audience.

Virtual High School

2021-2022 VHS Application 

Although VHS offers a wide variety of courses, not all courses are approved for GDRHS student enrollment: