Middle School News – October 8, 2020

October 9, 2020

Greetings to Middle School Families! Wow, these weekly posts are packed with information about our ‘Year of Possibilities’! FYI, the same information is posted weekly on the GDRMS website, under News: https://gdrsd.org/gdrms/news/

Newsletter submitted by, Kathi McCollumn, GDRMS Principal: kmccollumn@gdrsd.org.


Counseling Dept. News

The school counselors are available to support all students during the school day.  Please reach out to them through email or a phone call if you have social emotional concerns about your child.  Here is some helpful information: GDRMS Counseling Department – Open House


Best Buddies

Best Buddies is just getting started at the middle school for the year and we are ready to get the word out that sign ups are starting! 

Best Buddies Video

Middle School On-Line Membership


Flag Captain?

We are looking for a middle schooler(s) that would be interested in being in charge of putting up and taking down the flag on Monday-Thursday. This would happen as soon as the captain arrives at school and prior to their dismissal. Also, this captain could recruit and guide other students in the event of absence, or to share the days. If your child is interested, please have her/him email Ms. McCollumn, kmccollumn@gdrsd.org


Help Wanted

Ever dream of working in a school? We currently have an opening for a building sub to be in school 8am-2pm Monday-Thursday. This sub will be in the school to fill in for teachers or para-professionals as needed, salary is $14.77 an hour. If you are interested, please have email Ms. McCollumn, kmccollumn@gdrsd.org.


Change in Spanish Classes

Dr. John Tyler has been teaching Spanish at GDRMS for many years. He has decided to leave us to pursue other career options. We wish him well in his journey! Ms. Alina Spaulding will take on his classes this year, starting on Wednesday, October 14th. Ms. Spaulding most recently comes to us as a para-professional at Florence Roche School, prior to that she taught Computer Science and Spanish at GDRHS, and even subbed for a year at our middle school to teach Spanish. Ms. Spaulding is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish fluently and she is excited to be back in the middle school foreign language department!


Picture Day

Picture days were on September 18 and 21. If your middle schooler missed these dates, or if you are dissatisfied with the pictures that came home on October 7 or 8, you will be able to sign up for a picture retake on December 1st. Students in Remote Learning may stop into school during the Remote Materials Pick-up times on Tuesdays 2-4pm or Fridays 8-3pm. 

Bus Information

Bus windows will be open at least two inches all year to increase ventilation. Students may need to dress with coats or raincoats.

-Students may only ride the bus they are assigned to. 

-Students must sit in the seat that was assigned to them. Only siblings may sit together. 

-Students must wear a mask on the bus at all times.

-Students should sanitize hands before they board the bus each morning.  


1st Time: Student will receive a warning 

2nd Time: Parents will be notified and student will have a 1 day bus suspension

3rd Time: Parents will be notified and student will have a 1 week bus suspension. 

4th Time: Parents will be notified and student will be suspended from the bus for the remainder of the half year. 



When you are ordering school lunch for your middle schooler, please record the STUDENT first and last name, NOT the parent name. This will help us get the lunch to the right student much faster! Student Name Location


Remote Learning Materials Pick-up

Parents/guardians may pick up materials for their middle schooler learning in remote model on Tuesdays 2pm-4pm & Fridays 8am-3pm. Teachers will notify parents via email that there is something to be picked up, and parents are welcome to enter the South building for students in grades 5 & 6, or the North building for students in grades 7 & 8.


SEL News

Social Emotional Learning

Relationship Skills’ [10/8 – 10/30]

The ability to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups.  The ability to communicate clearly, listen well, cooperate with others, resist inappropriate social pressure, negotiate conflict constructively, and seek and offer help when needed.


★Social Engagement          

★ Relationship Building         


★ Collaboration          

★Support Systems

Here’s this week’s links that parents can use at home:  Raising Kind Kids Video


Music News

Interested students will have until October 16th to sign up for Virtual Middle School Band or Virtual Middle School Chorus program beginning in mid-October. 




Reference Links: 

Sign up for GDRHS Honor Society Tutoring


GDRMS Opening Guidelines


Early Dismissals for Hybrid or Remote Students [To be completed by parent for any early dismissal]


How to order lunch


GDRMS Website


Library Books Checkout Form

Library Website


Remote Learning Tab on Website


Health Office News




Tech Tips

Remote Learning and Zoom Tips


Email Etiquette


Groton Public Library

Hey 5th Graders!


Upcoming Dates

Oct 12 – No School Columbus Day

Oct 13 – No School, Professional Development

Oct 14 School Brains grades updated

Oct 16 Sign up for Band or Chorus Due by 3

Oct 23 – This is a half day for teachers and a full day of learning for students

Oct 23 – Square One Art upload due

Oct 28 – School Brains grades updated

Nov 3 – Voting in gym, No students or staff will be in the building. Students will follow a typical Tuesday schedule. 

Nov 11 – No school in recognition of Veteran’s Day

Nov 12 & 19 – Parent/Teacher Conferences, students have am schedule and pm assignments

Nov 18 – Last day of Quarter 1 – all assignments due

Nov 25 – ‘Report Cards’ Live in School Brains 3pm

Dec 1 – Square One Art Parent ordering due

Dec 1 – Picture Re-take day for all students, more info to follow


P.R.I.D.E. Positivity:  

  • Demonstrate open-mindedness. 
  • Be accepting and support diverse thinking. 
  • Have a willingness to learn.