Middle School News – December 22, 2020

December 23, 2020

Greetings to Middle School Families & Staff!

We started 2020, exclaiming it to be a “Year of Possibilities”….little did we know just what that would come to mean! It’s easy to end up in the muck of the day to day issues that this year has brought, however, I challenge all to reflect on the possibilities that became realities. More time with family, smaller classroom communities, bucket drumming, Scratch programming, journalism & genius hour, guitar & ukulele, less students in cafe meant actual conversations at lunch, Best Buddies, eclectic groups of students building community in homerooms. I am sure there have been many more small and large possibilities that became opportunities over this past year. We would love to hear parent reflections: Year of Possibilities

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Newsletter submitted by, Kathi McCollumn, GDRMS Principal: kmccollumn@gdrsd.org.


Project Mitten

Thank you to all that participated in this year’s Project Mitten. Together, we distributed over 500 gifts to 23 local families including 57 children!  


Help Wanted!

We have openings for para-educators and substitute teachers! If you are interested in learning more about this, email Kathi McCollumn at kmccollumn@gdrsd.org


Flu Vaccine

All students must receive a flu vaccination by December 30, 2020 and evidence of that vaccination was to be delivered to each student’s school nurse by December 18th. Students in hybrid learning who have not provided this evidence will get their asynchronous assignments on-line starting 1/4/2021 until the school receives evidence of a flu vaccination. 

Camera On!

Thank you to parents for supporting our efforts for students to keep their cameras on during a remote lesson.  If there is a genuine reason for video to be off, such as broken device [we have loaner chromebooks], self-conscious, need for movement or sensory breaks [if we are aware, our counselors can support], concern for home privacy [we can show you how to put up a digital screen]. If your middle schooler has a genuine need to have their video turned off, I urge you to reach out to myself, or your child’s counselor to discuss this situation so that we can support. 


News from the Music Department

Attention all 7th/8th Grade student musicians! Are you looking for a place to show off your skills? Consider auditioning for the Virtual Jr. District Festival this year. Follow this link for more information. 

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SEL News Social Emotional Learning

Social Awareness

In January, every student will receive a weekly lesson in this topic. ‘The ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  The ability to understand social and ethical norms for behavior and to recognize family, school, and community resources and supports.’

★Perspective-taking          ★Empathy         

★ Appreciating Diversity   ★Respect for Others     ★Peer Pressure ★Stereotyping        ★ Encouragement/Listening    

Here’s this week’s links that parents can use at home:  Raising Caring, Respectful and Courageous Children


Reference Links:

Tutoring: GDRHS Honor Society Tutoring

Early Dismissals for Hybrid or Remote 

How to order lunch

GDRMS Website

GDRMS Library https://bit.ly/GDMSlibrary 

Diversity Club Information


News from the Counseling Department

Any  student  applying to a  technical or private school for next year will need to follow this  process  on  our  website:  

https://sites.google.com/a/gdrsd.org/gdrms-guidance-department/requesting-recommendations  Please allow  three weeks  for  the school forms to be completed.   Many  of these  schools have a submission date of 1/15/21 or  2/1/21,  so please pay careful attention to the deadlines. 



Middle School Basketball Skills & Drills Clinic

Open to 6th, 7th & 8th graders

Fee: $75 (will run 2x week for 10 sessions)

Spots will be limited; open to the first 40 girls and 40 boys who are fully registered and paid ***includes documentation of a current in-person physical at time of registration***

COVID Health & Safety protocol will be followed. More details to follow and registration will open the week of 12/27/20 – stay tuned for an email from the Athletic Dept. next week.


Upcoming Dates

Dec 23 – Grades updated in School Brains!

Dec 24 – Jan 3 Winter Break – no school

Jan 6 – Grades updated in School Brains!

Jan 8 – Sync learning in a.m. with teachers; all afternoon independent work for students

Jan 11 – Last day for students in grades 7&8 to sign up for the Virtual Jr. District Music Festival this year. Follow this link for more information. 

Jan 15 – Sync learning in a.m. w/teachers; all afternoon independent work for students

Jan 18 – No School, Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 19 – If you have shout outs for staff, email Kath McCollumn!

Jan 20 – Grades updated in School Brains!

Jan 22 – Sync learning in a.m. w/teachers; all afternoon independent work for students

Jan 29 – Last day of Quarter 2 – all work due!

Feb 5 – 2nd Quarter ‘Report Cards’ Live in School Brains after 3pm




  • Demonstrate open-mindedness
  • Be accepting and support diverse thinking
  • Have a willingness to learn.


Staff Ugli Sweater Contest

This year, 30 staff members and 1 dog [Miranda the Therapy Dog] entered our contest. Students and staff were invited to vote on their favorite ugli sweater. The top three vote getters are here for your viewing pleasure! Also, a $25 donation has been made to the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry in each of their names. https://loavesfishespantry.org/

Winner: Ms. Emily Stone, Music Teacher, 2nd Place: Miranda The Therapy Dog, 3rd Place: Mrs. Sheffield, Building Substitute