Middle School News – February 25, 2021

February 25, 2021

Greetings to Middle School Families & Staff!        

SEPAC Workshop tonight

The SEPAC is hosting a virtual workshop this Thursday, Feb. 25, from 6:30-7:30p.m.  The topic is effective communication and the leader is Beth Bostic from the Federation for Children with Special Needs.  She is an engaging speaker and we received great feedback after her previous presentations in G-D. All G-D parents and staff are invited.  Would you please help us spread the word? A flyer is attached. Katie Leonard, Linda Lee, Jamie Christerson, G-D SEPAC Officers

GDRMS Library News

What’s new: links to eBooks, databases, libraries and more!   Click on a Black history, civil rights, or a President’s book for a review. We have a copy of March 1,2,3 so you can join the GPL March book club.  Test your knowledge on civil rights.  Learn about March themes, like National Compliment Day – who will you empower?.  There are links to eBooks, databases, libraries. and more. MS Library eBooks and Resources

Google Chat/Hangout

We all know that digital communication is fast and can reach many readers. The tools, Google Chats and Google Hangouts, are a part of the Google Suite of tools that we use for educational purposes. Since the spring, we have been working to teach students how to use these tools appropriately, unfortunately a very large portion of the use during school hours is equivalent to passing notes in class. Many, many students are using these tools to communicate, sometimes up to 100 at a time. This has created quite a few social issues amongst our students as many of the readers are actually unknown to those engaging in the chats. Additionally, much of the communication is happening during class time and it is not focused on class content. We have surveyed the faculty and responses from 42 teachers indicated that 83% of the responding teachers do not use these tools for instructional purposes. Therefore, due to the highly disruptive nature of the tools’ usage, as of March 1st we will turn off Google hangout/chat for all middle school students for the month of March and then we will re-assess at the end of the month. We apologize in advance if these tools are how your middle schooler is communicating with peers, but since they are getting a great deal of unsupervised usage, we are going to temporarily turn them off. 

Reference Links:

GDRHS Honor Society Tutoring

Early Dismissals for Hybrid or Remote 

How to order lunch

GDRMS Website           GDRMS Library 

Interface Link.              GDRMS Counseling


Student Council Spirit Day

All students and staff are invited to join in our March 3rd Spirit Day! Check it out here!


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Groton Public Library News

We invite anyone in grades 6-12 who would like to read books and talk about social justice themes to join with us. The books are available to borrow [pick up at library curbside], and on our Nooks to borrow.  Here are links to sign up for the zoom from 4-5pm.  

March 3: March (Book 1) 

April 7:  The Black Friend by Fredrick Joseph   

Submitted: Deborah Dowson, Young Adult Librarian, Groton Public Library, gpl.org

Instagram Groton Public Library

Facebook Groton Public Library

SEL News Social Emotional Learning

Self Management

During the month of March, all students will have weekly lessons in Self Management. ‘The ability to successfully regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations–effectively managing stress, controlling impulses, and motivating oneself.  The ability to set and work toward personal and academic goals.’

★Impulse control ★Stress management       ★Self-discipline ★Self-motivation        ★Goal setting            ★Organizational skills

★Resiliency                ★Integrity       

Here’s this week’s link that parents can use at home: Building Resilience in Children


Upcoming Dates

Feb 26 – 100th day of school for the year! Sync learning in a.m. w/teachers; all afternoon independent work for students

Mar 2 – Read Across America Day

Mar 3 – Grades updated in School Brains!

Mar 3 – Spirit Day and charitable donation 

Mar 3World Wildlife Day

Mar 4 – World Book Day

Mar 5 – Sync learning in a.m. w/teachers; all afternoon independent work for students

Mar 8 – International Women’s Day

Mar 11 – International School Meals Day

Mar 12 – Sync learning in a.m. w/teachers; all afternoon independent work for students

Mar 17 – Grades updated in School Brains!

Mar 18 – Global Recycling Day

Mar 19 – Sync learning in a.m. w/teachers; all afternoon independent work for students

Mar 19-Apr 5 Gr. 8 Students/parents explore Program of Studies, Course Selection Sheets and look at teacher recommendations.  Courses are selected online through SchoolBrains and written on the Course Selection Sheet.

Mar 20International Day of Happiness

Mar 20 – Spring Equinox

Mar 21 – World Down Syndrome Day

Mar 21 – World Poetry Day

Mar 22 – World Water Day

Mar 24 – GDRHS Counselors present to 8th-graders via zoom

Mar 26 – Sync learning in a.m. w/teachers; all afternoon independent work for students

Mar 31 – Grades updated in School Brains!

Apr 2 –  – Sync learning in a.m. w/teachers; all afternoon independent work for students

Apr 2 – World Autism Awareness Day – Wear Blue!

Apr 7 – Quarter 3 ends, all work due

Apr 7 – World Health Day

Apr 27 ELA MCAS grades 6 & 8 [remote TBD]

Apr 28 – ELA MCAS grades 5 & 7[remote TBD]

May 11 – Science, Technology, Engineering MCAS grades 5 & 8 [remote TBD]

May 18 – Math MCAS grades 6 & 8 [remote TBD]

May 19 – Math MCAS grades 5 & 7 [remote TBD]

June 10 – Grade 8 Virtual Graduation

June 14 – Last day of school




  • Demonstrate honesty
  • Being able to own your choices
  • To do the right thing when no one is looking