March 26th 2020

Good evening, Last evening I shared the update that schools would be closed until at least May 4th. Tonight I want to share with you the work that is being done to prepare to move into Remote Learning. Our district is working tirelessly to create a remote learning plan in light of new guidance from … read more

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March 25th 2020 – School Closure Extended

Good evening staff and families, My evening email tonight will be short. The Governor announced just moments ago that schools will be closed until May 4th. District leadership were not informed that this announcement would be made until about 3:15 pm. While we are disappointed, we understand the need to keep everyone safe. Members of … read more


March 23rd 2020

Monday Closure Briefing Good evening, I wish I had more definitive news from the Department of Education regarding school closure length etc. but unfortunately at this time we do not have any more information than I shared last week. We have been told to begin thinking about what steps we would take if this school … read more


March 20th 2020

Good evening families and staff, Closure Update: It is hard to believe that we have made it through the first week of closure. This morning all the superintendents across the state had a conference call with Jeff Riley, Commissioner of Education. While Commissioner Riley did not share any specific new information, he did advise all … read more


March 19th 2020

I am sorry for the delay in the Thursday memo. Things were quiet, but your amazing staff is still adding new stuff to the online resources for continuation of learning. I have two conferences calls during the day (Friday) with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. So hopefully Friday’s message will have an update or … read more


March 18th 2020

Wednesday Update I want to first share that we still have no reported cases of presumptive or positive cases of the COVID 19 virus by any member of the school community to the Central Office. Again we are requesting that if any staff member, student, or any member of the immediate family of either a … read more


March 17th 2020

As usual we hope this finds our staff and families well. As a reminder please remember that if students or members of their family living in their home have a presumptive or positive test for the virus please call 978 448 5505 and leave us a message on the district’s main number. This information will … read more


March 16th 2020

I hope this finds you all well and safe. I want to first remind staff and families that have someone who has a positive or presumptive diagnosis to please call 978 448 5505 and leave a message for the Superintendent’s office. This information will not be shared with anyone, but will be used as part … read more

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Important Update School Closing through April 6th

As a result of the Governor’s press conference this evening, Groton-Dunstable Public Schools will be closed until April 6, 2020.  In addition, due to the Governor’s ban on any gatherings of over 25 people, we will be making some changes to student and guardian access to schools tomorrow and the meetings we had asked our … read more

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Important Update on District Closing – March 14th

As the days progress, we know that there will be many more questions. We will continue to provide updates as we get new information and questions that need to be answered. We thank you for your patience as we work our way through this unprecedented situation. This email will be sent out again tomorrow to … read more