Information Chromebook/iPad Loaner Program

First, I would like to thank you, our parent community, for being awesome partners during this period of remote/hybrid learning.

Our community has risen to the challenge during this difficult time. We are thrilled to support our district initiatives for the upcoming year. This past spring during the initial phases of COVID-19, the district provided over 400 devices to ensure equity of access and to support remote learning.

As we begin the new school year, every student, kindergarten through eighth grade, will have a 1:1 device available to implement digital learning both at school and at home.

This summer has been a whirlwind for our department and we have collectively never worked harder. Our focus has been on creating an optimal, digital learning environment for our students and faculty.

Connecting with our community over the past several months, many families have adequate devices at home to support remote learning. However, there are families that would benefit from having access to a device. Our department will ensure access to a device and fully support our remote learning environment. Kindergarten and first-grade students will have access to an Apple iPad, while students in second grade through eighth grade will have access to a Google Chromebook.

Important to note, we have placed orders for devices and charging stations, which will be arriving in mid-September, or potentially even later. Although our orders were placed in early-July, this will not leave proper times to prepare the Chromebooks that have been ordered once school begins. For some hybrid students, this will necessitate a swap, at school, with minimal disruption once the new Chromebooks are prepared. Our remote learning students will not be impacted by this delayed order.

In order to prepare the devices for remote and hybrid learning, we ask that the device agreement are reviewed and the digital form be completed no later than August 31st. A separate form is required for each student in need of a device.

Remote and Hybrid Learner Details

Specifically for parents/guardians of remote learners, we will have scheduled pickups beginning after Labor Day, during the week of September 8th. More information on exact dates, location of pickup, and times to follow. Remote learners with adequate access at home do not need to complete the GDRSD Chromebook/iPad Loaner Form.

For our hybrid learners, access to their assigned 1:1 device, which can be brought back and forth from home to school in support of remote learning days, will be allowed. Hybrid learners will have access to their devices after the first day of school and a charger for home use will be provided. Hybrid learners who have adequate access to devices at home do not need to complete the GDRSD Chromebook/iPad Loaner Form and also can leave their assigned 1:1 device at school.

If you are interested in participating in the GDRSD device loaner program, please review and acknowledge the following agreement(s).

For parents of remote and hybrid learners, requesting a loaner device, please complete the following GDRSD Chromebook/iPad Loaner Form no later than August 31st.

Hopefully, this communication hasn’t overwhelmed you and I want you to realize that our department is here to support you through remote learning. If after reading through the information you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Luke Callahan
Director of Technology & Digital Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

How do students log into their Chromebook?

All students at GDRSD receive a G Suite for Education account that ends in This account offers Google services like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Classroom, which are provided under GDRSD’s Google Suite for Education agreement.

GDRSD Chromebooks can be logged into using the student’s district-provided G Suite for Education account. This educational account allows limited emailing to other GDRSD students, GDRSD faculty and staff, and select approved district resources.

How do students log into their iPad?

For students prior to the second grade, the G Suite account is used mostly for connecting to various assessment tools and not necessarily used each day with the One-to-One Apple iPads. As students begin second grade, and progress through middle school, and into high school, students transition to Chromebooks, and a deeper reliance on core services such as email, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Classroom.

Our kindergarten and first-grade students do not need to log into their Apple iPad. As students work with selected resources, additional direction and login information will be provided by their teacher.

Can I receive updates regarding my child’s digital classwork and grades?

For kindergarten and first-grade students with an Apple iPad, Seesaw for Education will be a learning platform used by staff. This doesn’t require logging into a G Suite for Education account, but a user name and password will be shared by the teacher. Seesaw for Education allows Family Access, which connects parents/guardians with their child’s postings within Seesaw. Your child’s teacher will have more details on this connection and we encourage you to reach out during the first few weeks of school.

For students in second grade through eighth grade, as a parent/guardian, you can get email summaries about your student’s activity in Google Classroom. Please visit Google’s Guardian Email Summaries, here.

Also, please visit a recent parent-focused Google Slide presentation on Google Classroom, here.

Important to note, grades are posted within SchoolBrains, our student information system. If you have difficulty accessing the SchoolBrains Community Portal, please reach out to our district data administrator, Phyllis Maynard via email at

Do homeschool students have access to loaner devices?

At this time, student(s) must be enrolled at GDRSD to be offered a loaner device.